Grant M. Brownlow is an interdisciplinary artist working primarily in printmaking and mixed media paintings. Grant employs traditional techniques with innovative processes to create intricate industrial-inspired compositions confronting ideas of lineage, influence, cycles, repetition and the deconstruction of the individual to their many influences and impressions. His work confronts the viewer, pushing them to acknowledge their inability to escape their many influences and impressions. Grant’s assembled compositions are constructed using repeated imagery, symbols and physically attached objects on both paper and on canvas. This imagery often has connections to racetracks and industrial environments that have been integral spaces to Grant’s development and were integral impressions on him during his upbringing.

Grant was raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan where he was heavily influenced by the industrial landscape of the Midwestern United States. During this time Grant was fully immersed in the culture of automotive track racing and in the manufacturing industry. Grant studied Studio Art at Albion college after which he continued to create work while living in Detroit, Michigan. Grant is currently continuing his education by pursuing a Masters of Fine Arts at Purdue University focusing on printmaking and painting.


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